If you’ve been searching for that one system for SUCCESS… yet are
frustrated by what you’ve found to date… you’re in the right place!

Finally, Unlock the Power Within
You and Get the Life You
Want - More Quickly, More Easily,
and Without the “Roadblocks” and
“Setbacks” Followers of The Secret
Often Face

These 16 Little Known Sub-Laws Can Eliminate Your
Past Life of Failed Dreams, Blown Opportunities, and
Financial Struggle…While Clearing the Way For
Dreams to Come True, Endless Opportunity and
Ultimate Prosperity!

Dear Success Seeker,

A young boy, about seven, was racing his bike along a country road near his home.

As he approached an overpass, he braked hard, and came to a stop. There sat a huge truck with it’s trailer jammed tightly underneath the bridge.

Rescue vehicles, with lights flashing, blocked the only remaining open lane. A very large tow truck sat with engine idled, the driver puzzled at his repeated, failed attempts to dislodge the trailer.

Firefighters, policemen, truck driver, and several adult passersby gathered around the truck. All trying desperately to figure out how to free it from the bridge.

The young boy walked his bike up to the crowd. He caught the attention of a policeman. “What’s the matter, Officer?” he asked.

“The truck driver jammed his rig up under that bridge,” the patrol officer explained. “It’s stuck pretty tight. Tried several ways, but can’t seem to get it out.”

The young boy looked at the truck… then at the officer… and said matter-of-factly, “Why don’t they just let the air out of the tires?”

The officer was dumbfounded. He just shook his head, smiled at the boy, and said,

“Thanks kid!”

Tilt the “Secret” Power of Universal Law

In Your Favor…

Quicker and Easier Than You Imagined

Why is it that some people can attract whatever they want… anytime they want? And, almost effortlessly?

You see, our young hero didn’t create the idea of letting the air out of the tires. That solution already existed… along with many others… just waiting for someone to use to their benefit. While the adults on scene remained “stuck”, the boy quickly and easily accessed the “secret” power of the Universal Law… available to everyone all along. Consequently, problem solved!

What if you could access answers to your most pressing questions? Or resolve problems in your life with such ease? What if you could finally...

  • Eliminate debt and start building financial security
  • Kick disease out the door and cultivate a healthy, new body
  • Discard painful past associations and nurture new relationships filled with bliss
  • Stop wondering how life passed you by and discover your life’s purpose… now!

This is absolutely possible! People every day, from all walks of life, are discovering the secret power of the Universal Law. They’re shocked to learn it already resides within them. And, how simple it really is to use… with the Right formula.

I’ll show you too, shortly, but first…

Applying the Universal Law

is Not Magic… but it is Magnetic!

You see, I used to think the Law of Attraction was somehow magical. Like I could manifest anything I desired by simply closing my eyes and thinking positive. Like magic, I soon learned that was an illusion. When nothing changed in my life, I was left frustrated… wondering if it was really… ME!

Maybe you too doubt your own ability to apply the Universal Law in your life. After all, you tried other Law of Attraction methods. Studied them inside and out… yet are continually stumped by your lack of progress. Or worse, frustrated with your slide further backwards!

Whether you’re convinced the Universal Law doesn’t work, or are brand new to the concept of the Law of Attraction, I’ve got great news for you…

There’s nothing secret or magical about attracting whatever you desire

You’ve met people who seem to attract, almost magically, whatever they want… whenever they want… with pinpoint accuracy and without delay.

Stay with me, and you too can…

  • Drive that new car you dream of
  • Secure the job or pay raise you’re competing for
  • Impress others with your new body make over
  • Get your business booming again
  • Attract your ideal partner!

It’s really not magic, but it IS magnetic. You see, magic is mysterious…but Magnetism is science. Magic is confusing and obscure… Magnetism is clear and consistent. Magic is Elusive… Magnetism is Law!

After all, a law is something that should work all the time. Right?

Take the law of gravity, for example. Drop a ball out a four-story window 100 times… it’s going to fall 100 times. No matter how much it weighs.

With a law in place… and when you act in accordance with that law… you experience the same result… every single time. Otherwise, it would not be law.

So, why does the Law of Attraction only seem to work for some people… or only some of the time?

And, why do some people attract whatever they desire almost effortlessly? While others who spend so much time and energy can’t seem to attract anything?

Welcome to the Inner Circle of Attraction Experts…

Where You Finally Break the “Secret Code”

and Begin to Manifest with Laser-Like Precision

Today, you’re going to understand the secret power behind the Law of Attraction. And, you’ll leverage it to access your Dream Life.

  • That open position at work… it’s yours!
  • The “friend” you’ve been courting… is now open to an “intimate relationship”
  • Your dwindling bank account… it’s replenishing and poised to explode!
  • Say goodbye to your aches and pains… then go enjoy your newfound energy!

But to use this great power, it must first be discovered… or should I say re-discovered!

Our young hero above? He still had his natural ability to use this power… consistently, easily, and without delay. But for many adults, time is not on our side.

How did we lose our ability to use this secret power
of Universal Law?

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, there are several reasons… NONE of which are your fault! Most likely, your significant influencers:

  1. Didn’t know about it – Variations of the Law of Attraction have been around for decades. But until recently, it hadn’t been widely shared.
  2. Neglected to nurture it – Some who heard about the Law just didn’t understand it. Fewer still knew how to teach it. Programs to better explain it just didn’t exist. And so, by attrition, what you don’t use, you lose.
  3. Disciplined it out of you – You’ve been using the Universal Law all along. Likely to your detriment rather than your benefit. Before long, you learned that what you didn’t want, but got… you deserved. And, there was no reversing it!
  4. Kept it from you on purpose – Some folks considered the Law of Attraction an enemy of religion… and felt obligated to protect you from its corrupting effect. Others saw its value, and were too selfish to share. Mistaken that the Universe had a limited amount of wealth… health… power… and more… to distribute.

Sound familiar?

Now, you’ve decided to head back to the drawing board, again! CONGRATULATIONS on taking that first step!

In just a minute, you’ll discover the secret power behind the Law of Attraction. That information alone is critical. However, the ability to understand and apply it is even more so.

Imagine… you get a letter in the mail describing exactly where to find 50 million dollars. But, the sender wrote it in a language you don’t understand. You’d be forced to throw it in the trash, ignorant of its value to you.

Today, I’m revealing to you information that’s been a mystery for too long. Even better, I’ll share it with you in an easy-to-use, step-by-step program so you can understand and apply it… quickly and consistently! So...

Who am I, and Why Would You Listen to Me?

From New York City Dog Walker to Broadway Actress…

An actress who’s appeared on Broadway and TV, Kristen has coached online gurus, screenwriters, broadway actors, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and people from all walks of life to reach new heights in their lives, relationships and careers.

Her unique approach to success combines straight-shooter, no-fluff honesty with a deep understanding of the the universal law and the principles of Inspired Action.

Hi! My name is Kristen Howe. Several years ago, I was in a dark place in life. A place I can only describe as being lost. I was walking dogs for a living… and not because I really liked dogs.

However, like you, I KNEW I had a purpose in life. And, knew I would make a significant contribution to the world. But I had no idea what it would be… when it would start… or how it was going to happen.

Then, one day I was standing in an aisle at a bookstore in Wisconsin. As I reached to pull a book off a very crammed shelf, a different, strange-looking book nearly jumped out at me.

I had never seen this book before. Had no clue what it was about.

Yet suddenly, I felt this intense push to grab that book for myself. Like it had something incredible to tell ME.

Sounds crazy, I know.

In an instant, I felt the air around me change. Everything else became a blur.

And then… I was sure I heard a subtle, yet direct voice inside assure me I was meant to be in that bookstore, at that time, to purchase that book.

I almost lunged forward. My eyes locked on the title… “The Message of a Master”… never gave a thought to what filled the pages inside… just grabbed the book… checked the price on the back cover… and hurried to the counter to pay.

I left the bookstore that day convinced my life was about to change… dramatically!

Once home, I devoured the teachings found in the book. They revealed to me something called the Universal Law, or what some refer to as the Law of Attraction. And, I was stunned at how simple it was to master its principles.

Within days, I was seeing dramatic successes in my life… discovering my purpose… improving my finances… nurturing relationships… boosting my energy and ATTITUDE!

Years later, I‘m an accomplished Broadway actress, author, business owner, and life coach… having achieved financial freedom I once only imagined. Now, I spend my days doing what I love, living the life of my dreams… a life of freedom and independence to do what I want, when I want.

…and my life keeps getting better!

Now, It’s YOUR Turn!

The Power of the 16 Sub-Laws…

Here’s a question I get a lot…

“What’s so different about how you teach the Law of Attraction?”

Good question! The simple answer… I recognize it for what it is… a law that is Universal.

You see, a Universal Law governs many other laws within it… we’ll call sub-laws.

Remember our earlier example about the law of gravity… if you drop a ball out a window 100 times… it will fall every single time.

Conclusion: objects cannot remain suspended in the air because of the law of gravity.

Yet… how is it that a 200 ton (400,000 lbs.) Boeing 747 airplane can propel itself from the ground into the sky… and remain in the air at 37,000 feet for 17 hours straight?

The answer lies in the sub-laws governed within the law of gravity. These include drag, thrust and lift.

Drag is the resistance of air, or backward force. Thrust is the power of the airplane’s engine, or full force. Lift is the upward force… and gravity is the downward force.

For an airplane to fly… thrust must be greater than drag… and, lift greater than gravity.

As you can see, there are many forces at work within a single Universal Law. When scientifically leveraged in a certain way… they can, and will create a different result than the one we’ve been conditioned to expect.

So… just as a 1 oz. ball falls from the sky, but a 200 ton plane remains suspended… people can, and do experience varied outcomes from the Law of Attraction. The key is to:

Understand these 16 Sub-Laws and Apply Them

in a Proven, Easy-To-Use, Step-By-Step System…

Then Turn Lack into ABUNDANCE!

It’s actually pretty simple. We’re already attracting events in our lives every single day.

But, because we’re unfamiliar with the secret sub-laws, we’re attracting what we don’t want. Things like…

  • Overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Difficult work arrangements
  • Personal debt or business failure
  • Chronic disease and illness
  • Uninspired personal relationships
  • …and the list goes on!

Change the direction of flow… and begin attracting what you do want. Once it clicks… hang on! You will easily and consistently turn lack into Abundance! Just as I, and so many others, have done. Which of these would you like…?

  • A mind at ease, and always positive
  • Accelerated job promotion
  • Booming business success
  • Plenty of money to do what you want, when you want
  • A body in tip-top shape, and full of energy
  • Personal relationships based on trust and love
  • New car, designer clothes, dine at fancy restaurants, travel the world
  • …the life you’ve always dreamed of!

There’s no difference, in the difficulty of attainment, between lack and abundance. It’s how you choose to focus your attention. With this “Secret Formula”, I hold your hand and walk you through the steps to do this!

Think about the first time you tried riding a bike. At first, it seemed like the hardest thing in the world to do. But, once you got it… you were set for life. You never forgot… it always worked… and it didn’t involve much effort!

That’s exactly how you master the Universal Law.

Are You Ready…

  • To stop your life from further struggle… to conquer your old ways of lack?
  • To finally begin cooperating with the secret power of the Universal Law, for your benefit?
  • To say “YES” to the abundance reserved in your name… and that you deserve?

“The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study is the only program on the Law of Attraction that explains… and shows you how to apply… the 16 sub-laws that make up the Universal Law.

Most systems teaching the Law of Attraction are extremely vague, incomplete or complicated. Worse yet, offer little chance of succeeding.

In fact, they introduce the Law of Attraction as if it were brand new. Something no one has ever heard about.

We know now that the Law of Attraction is Universal… has existed since the beginning of time… and works whether you want it to or not… to your benefit or detriment. And, that people have known about it for generations.

These other resources diminish the Law of Attraction by failing to reveal the 16 specific sub-laws that exist within the Universal Law… and explain how they apply in our life.

Kind of like knowing about the law of gravity, but not knowing about drag, thrust, lift, or any other sub-law within it.

Imagine our world if Sir Isaac Newton merely identified that the law of gravity existed… with no further analysis. And, he did so as if it was truly life-changing.

We would have felt betrayed… have more questions than answers… be more confused, not less. Because he had only told half the story… and by default, placed tremendous limits on our possibilities.

Unfortunately, most “resources” created on the Law of Attraction do nothing more than identify its existence… without explaining the mechanics of how it works.

With “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program, I change all that. I’ll introduce the 16 secret laws that make up the Universal Law. I’ll explain them in easy-to-understand language. Then, take you by the hand and show you how to apply them.

Starting today, the Law of Attraction:

  • Makes it far easier to succeed in life
  • Speeds up delivery of items on your “wish list”
  • Breaks through your roadblocks and eliminates setbacks
  • Injects momentum so you become unstoppable
  • Leaves you feeling energized instead of exhausted

I’ve taken the powerful life-changing information… centered on the 16 laws that give the Universal Law its power… and reformatted them into a comprehensive, easy-to- understand formula. And, it’s now…

Available Immediately as  Downloadable PDF’s and Audio in MP3 Format!

In this program, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through it step-by-step. I leave no stone unturned, so you get maximum benefit! First…

  1. I introduce “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program and suggest the best way to use this program for immediate and greatest impact.
  2. Then, you gain powerful insights into the Universal Law by listening to “The Story” portion of the program.
  3. Next, I guide you in a detailed analysis of the 16 secret laws. Here, you discover how to trigger the Universal Law, one sub-law at a time, to consistently and easily manifest your desires almost magnetically!
  4. Finally, with each secret law, I walk you through a special coaching session. This is where you’ll apply the law in real time and accelerate integrating the law into your own life.

No more wasting time on something that sounds interesting, but has no real value.

Instead, you’ll quickly, easily and effectively apply the 16 secret laws of the Universal Law to create positive, lasting change in your life.

The 16 Secret Sub-Laws are YOUR Game-Changer…

Here’s a Snapshot of What You Will Discover:

The 1st Law– Learn why people who don’t acknowledge this law wind up broke, miserable and unhappy… always!

Creating Destiny Mastery – Discover the secret to effectively creating the destiny you want.

Raising Your Level Of Receptiveness – Get the key that opens your success receptors to maximum capacity… then capitalize on every opportunity that awaits you.

Accessible Power I’ll share some privileged information enabling you to unlock and harness the power that naturally resides in you… so you can banish that uphill climb, for good.

The 5th Law– Learn the truth about this law… then quickly identify all opportunities beneficial to you.

Creating Vision – Learn to create a crystal clear vision of your “dream life”… then progress quickly and confidently in that direction.

Risk Removal – Discover the most effective way to consistently create your desired outcomes… before they even happen.

The 7th LawUnderstand this law and eliminate the key barriers (limiting beliefs) to your success.

Leveraging Your Most Powerful Tool – Learn to utilize the most effective tool for creating success and abundance that endures.

The 12th LawMaster this law and experience success in ways you never thought possible.

Words Of Power – Discover the specific words that are proven to enhance success in any undertaking.

Blocking Weakness – Get details on… not only becoming the best at anything you attempt… but also eliminating your shortcomings…. for good.

The 15th LawUnderstand why obstacles are your friend and learn to capitalize on them.

Quite honestly, this information is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

Consider these top 4 reasons why you should grab your copy without further delay:

  • I Reveal the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction Puzzle. These 16 Sub-Laws of the Universal Law are your unique game-changer. They’ll give you the breakthrough you need to experience the Law of Attraction the way you always thought possible. It’s intended to finally eliminate the doubt and worry of getting your life in order.
  • It’s Ridiculously Easy to Apply. I designed this system to help folks like you stay the course. I’ll take your hand and walk you through… step-by-step. When you persist with ease… you get results. And we both succeed! The ultimate win-win.
  • It’s Proven Effective. I based this formula on my experiences… and that of many others… applying the wisdom of the 16 sub-laws of the Universal Law. I’ve put it to the test… and the results speak for themselves. I know if applied in earnest, you WILL succeed… I guarantee it!
  • You Will Help Others by Helping Yourself. Just as I have brought this wisdom to you, I trust you’ll serve others with your gifts. It’s one way we evolve individually, and benefit collectively.

So Kristen, How Much Is This Program Going to Cost Me?

Other products that produce these kind of results can easily cost $250. So, I was advised to price “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program accordingly.  Why wouldn’t I? Here was a KEY component of the Law of Attraction formula the world has been searching for… with complete instructions for applying it successfully.

Knowing people would willingly pay that amount, I considered pricing it at half that.

Until I remembered my two main goals for sharing this program: offer a genuine solution to all who struggle… like I did… at getting the Law of Attraction to work in their life… and, make it as easy as possible to own, maximizing its impact on the world.

So, I decided I must all but give it away, at a price just about anyone could afford.

Therefore, you won’t pay $250… or even half that!

Order “The NEW Message of a Master- the Secret Laws” Home Study Program today and you’ll pay just $49.95!

AND, that includes the complete transcripts in PDF format for you to download and print.

But That’s Not All!

To convince myself I’m giving you an over-the-top value, I’ll also include Three EXCLUSIVE BONUSES when you purchase my “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program.

For one whole year, you will receive a personal e-mail from me each week where we will focus on one specific aspect of the attraction process to help activate the sub-laws in your life and make the shift from Student to Master.

In this never before released empowering audio module, I will pull back the curtain on the EXACT blueprint to how you can harness your specific energy type (we all have a specialized energy type unique to each of us) to get better results in less time with less effort.

Here I will provide the rock solid proof that you are using the Universal Law every day of your life to attract what you don’t want and show you a simple yet powerful technique to flip the magnetism switch so you can start attracting the things you do desire.

But Wait, Just Like Your New Life,

It Gets Even Better!

I know my “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program will impact your life beyond what you now imagine. But don’t take my word for it. I’d like to take all risk out of your hands and put it into mine.

My “Absolutely Can’t Fail You, Unconditional, Completely Risk-Free, No Questions Asked, 60-Day Money-Back” Guarantee

Here’s how it works.

Go ahead and order “The NEW Message of a Master-The Secret Laws” Home Study Program.

Download all the material to your computer (audio and printable)… Access all the privileged information… Delve into the workbook… and Begin transforming your life.

If you’re not absolutely convinced it will change your life for the better… and if it isn’t everything I say it is and more… then I don’t want you to pay for it. Just contact my support team and we’ll send you a full refund… No Questions Asked.

All your risk is gone, because I’m the one taking the chance here.

Let’s Recap… Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

  • You get… The World’s only home study program revealing the missing piece of the Law of Attraction…  including analysis and instructions for successfully applying the 16 Sub-Laws of the Universal Law that will help you transform lack into abundance.
  • The complete  New Message of a Master Home Study Program is instantly available in both downloadable audio (MP3) and print (PDF) formats. ($250 value)
  • PLUS – You Get… ALL Three EXCLUSIVE BONUSES… including a…
    • Full year of “Weekly Life Mastery” personal coaching e-mails
    • Never-before-released blueprint to “Harness Your Energy” audio CD
    • Rock-solid “Proof” audio CD. (All-$77 value)

Bottom Line: You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose and An Entirely New Life To Gain!

“The NEW Message of a Master- The Secret Laws” Home Study system is the result of years of dedicated passion for finding the answer to the question; “How can I help others to leverage the power of the Universal Law in the most effective, easiest way possible?”

I have built a system that can be used by anyone… at any time… quickly and easily… and is affordable to own.

Grab your copy of “The NEW Message of a Master - The Secret Laws” Home Study Program today, and let your transformation begin!

Life Mastery is Yours!

- Kristen Howe

P.S. This is the only system in the world that will disclose the power of the 16 sub-laws governed by the Universal Law and how to apply them. After this, your life will never be the same.

P.P.S. Remember, the results that you experience with the Law of Attraction will forever be hindered without the application of this formula. The time has come to unlock the potential of the Law of Attraction to maximum capacity.

Questions? Comments? support@lawofattractionkey.com

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